What to expect your first time on a nude beach. (and what not to do when you get there)


(and what not to do when you get there)

Let’s go ahead and put your mind at ease because there are probably a lot of questions running through your head about nude beach etiquette; what kind of body shapes and sizes are welcome, when to strip down — awkwardly, before you even find a spot to settle or after — can you kiss your partner or is all PDA a no-no, what to do if you get aroused, what do if you see someone else aroused, and the list goes on. We’ll address a lot of those questions and more but the first and probably most important thing to recognize is that you’re probably overthinking it.

Yep, force yourself to just get out there and try it and most people realize they’ve built this completely natural thing up in their head to be something scary and anxiety-inducing. It’s the opposite. Most of the other people you’ll encounter won’t even notice you, because remember, on a nude beach, everybody is naked! (most of the time).

So now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s get down to answering some of the most common questions asked about going to a nude beach for the first time.

Photo by Shifaaz Shimoon, via Unsplash

Common questions for first time nude beach visitors.

Can you take pictures?

You should never take pictures of other people on a nude beach without their permission. If you’re taking pictures of someone who is in your group (with their permission) first make sure it is even allowed. The beach probably has rules posted somewhere near the entrance. Someone who doesn’t want to be photographed may accidentally end up in the background of your photo, or it may just look like you’re taking photos of other people and that can make them uncomfortable. It’s usually best to just keep the camera phone in your bag.

When and where do I strip off my clothes?

This question is really common because people imagine that at beaches where nudity is mandatory and not optional there is someone who stands guard at the entrance to make sure you get naked as soon as one of your feet touches the sand and well before you’ve found yourself a spot to set out your chairs, towels, bag, etc. They imagine getting to the entrance, being forced to strip, and then awkwardly walking around naked looking for a good spot. This imaginary scenario puts the more anxious folks on edge because they feel like they’ll be on display while they rush to find a spot. Well, worry no more. No such Nude Beach Bouncer exists and it is perfectly acceptable to search for a good spot among all the nudies while you are still fully clothed. But after you get settled, if it is a nude beach and not just clothing-optional, that’s when you are expected (required) to join in the fun or leave.

Are Public Displays of affection ok?

In short, yes, but knowing where to draw the line is important. The best rule to follow for this common question is, “If it’s ok in public with your clothes on, it’s ok on a nude beach with your clothes off.”

What do I do if I get aroused?

Most males have this question when going to a nude beach for the first time, “What do I do if I get aroused?”

First of all, just know that it happens and isn’t a big deal. Guys get erections sometimes. The most polite thing to do is to find a way to conceal your arousal until it’s gone away. There are many ways to casually and conveniently accomplish this. If you’re already in the water, just stay waist-deep until it goes away. If you’re in a group talking, excuse yourself back to your towel and cover yourself up for a few minutes. If you’re lying on your back next to other people, flip over. Just don’t make a spectacle of the situation and you should be fine.

Do people stare at you? Is it ok to look at other people?

In general, this isn’t something to worry about and usually isn’t a problem. But a nude beach is just another public space (sometimes a private space but still with a mixed group of people) so it can happen. If someone is making you feel uncomfortable by staring, address it with an authority like a policeman or lifeguard or move to a different spot. But at the same time, it’s ok to look around and see and interact with other people. Just don’t gawk at them. Be normal and if you make eye contact with someone, say hello and keep moving unless you’re striking up a conversation.

Ok, what do I do about sunscreen? 

In short, don’t skimp. You’d think this is common sense, but enough people seem to forget so let’s just say it. Make sure you protect all those parts of you that don’t usually get any sun. You’ll thank me later.

How do I find a nude beach?

You can find nude beaches in most cities and countries by simply searching Google. Type in “Nude beaches in (CITY OR COUNTRY”) or “nude beaches near me”. But if you’re looking for nude beaches specifically in the Caribbean, we already have a full list of nude public Caribbean beaches right here: 


…and a full list of Vacation Resorts in the Caribbean that allow nude, clothing-optional, or topless sunbathing here:


Most people who decide to try something new and go to a nude beach for the first time discover that it’s one of the most relaxing things you can do. You’ll feel peace and freedom and find that a lot of people make far too big a deal about our bodies and being in this natural state. We’re all humans and we all have our own beautiful array of blemishes and imperfections so there’s really nothing to be embarrassed about. 

Hopefully, this article demystified a few things about nude beaches and helped someone who has been curious for a while venture out and finally enjoy one for themselves.