Types of Clothing Optional Resorts

Types of Clothing Optional Resorts

Clothing optional resorts are opening worldwide to support the growing trend of nude tourism. Staying at a nude resort lets you enjoy all hotel amenities without judgment. For example, lounge privately on a nude beach or dig into a chef-prepared meal, all without clothing. 

Pull out your map because you’ll want to mark off the best clothing-optional resorts in the world for your next nude vacation!

The diverse types of clothing optional resorts around the world let you choose the level of nudity you prefer during your trip experience.

There are four main categories that most resorts fit into:

  • All-Nude resorts
  • Au natural
  • Clothing optional
  • Nude and Prude

Each category has its picks for the best resort so that you’ll have plenty to choose between based on your preferred experience.

All-Nude Resorts

Get ready to bear it all because you won’t need clothing at an all-nude resort. These resorts are typically secluded and remote, providing their guests with much-needed privacy to enjoy their vacation. Join the community at the Almanuda Naturist Village located right outside Rome, where like-minded travelers enjoy one of the top all-nude resorts.

Au Natural

Travelers interested in getting a glimpse of the nude tourist lifestyle can book reservations at a top Au Natural resort. Resorts designated as au natural are standard resorts with designated nude areas. Guests can enjoy nude beaches, sunbathing, private pools, and other amenities naked, but other areas of the resort require clothing.

Soak up the sun while nude on Mexico’s Hidden Beach Au Natural Club in Tulum or a refreshing swim down under in Sunland Holiday Village, Australia’s only nude beach on the ocean coast.

Clothing Optional

If you are on the fence about taking a naked vacation, having a mixed option is the perfect way to get familiar with travelers walking around the resort nude. Clothing optional resorts permit guests to decide whether they want to go without clothes or not.

Now with two locations in Riviera Maya, Mexico, Desire Resorts is one of the best clothing-optional resorts in the world. Or jet-set across the pond to the coast of France to stay at La Jenny, where you can enjoy swimming, golfing, horseback riding, and shopping with or without clothes.

Nude and Prude

An alternative to clothing-optional resorts is staying at nude and prude resorts. This is a unique kind of nude resort divided into two sides – nude and prude. The nude side is all naked, while the prude side is all clothing. In Jamaica, Hedonism II is one of the best resorts that give you the best of both worlds.

The range of resort types gives options for everyone to enjoy naked vacations. So, whether you like immersing in a naturist community or you prefer to give yourself a few nude experiences during your trip, there are resorts ft for you!

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