Everything You Want to Know About Being Nude in the Caribbean

A quick Guide to Being Nude in the Caribbean

Being nude in the Caribbean is liberating. You can find some of the best nude beaches in the world in the Caribbean – ranked both for the beauty of the beach and the comfort of going au-naturel. Whether this is your first time going to a naked beach, or you’ve forgone the bikini several times before, you need to read this quick guide.

From the rules to follow to the best beaches to check out, this guide contains everything you want to know about being nude in the Caribbean. Don’t forget to pack the sunscreen!

Visiting Nude Caribbean Beaches

Turquoise waters, soft sand, swaying palm trees, and gloriously warm sunshine. Can you blame so many people for wanting to enjoy Caribbean beaches without clothes on?

Being nude in the Caribbean may seem adventurous, but it’s actually quite a calming and relaxing experience. For many people, it can signify feeling comfortable and confident in their body image.

We recommend the Caribbean for nudism as some of the best resorts in the world are located in this spot on the globe, and they have some wonderful naked beaches to explore.

Being Nude in the Caribbean – What Are the Rules?

If you are staying at one of our recommended nudist resorts in the Caribbean, you can find (or ask for) a list of rules for the nudist beach. They’ll show you which areas are suitable for getting naked, and which aren’t.

Regardless, whether you’re at a public beach or not, there are some universal rules to learn:

  1. Get nude on the nude beach. Stay clothed in areas that require clothing. Don’t walk through the clothed beach in the nude to get to the naked beach! This often means disrobing once you’re on the nudist beach and have found a spot for your towel.
  2. You have the right to feel comfortable. A nude beach is liberating, not scary. If anyone makes you feel intimidated, move away and report them. Keep the nude beach a safe place.
  3. Don’t make others feel uncomfortable. No staring, gawking, pointing, or giggling. Be aware of how your eyes naturally drift – this rule doesn’t come easily to everyone.
  4. Don’t take photos. Some beaches ban photography. Other beaches are more relaxed, and you can theoretically take photos of yourself and your friends. However, this will make other beachgoers uncomfortable, and you will need to be strictly vigilant to ensure no other nudists appear in the background. It’s best to avoid photos altogether.

Although the Caribbean might not be as well-known for nudism as other places, like Germany, they still welcome nudists across many islands and along the coasts. Just make sure you’re aware of the rules!

3 Must-Know Tips

Visiting a nude beach in the Caribbean is an exciting way to embrace freedom while enjoying some of the stunning scenery in this part of the world. With the rules in mind, here are three extra tips that we highly recommend you follow.

1 – Bring Extra Towels

Usually, when you head to the beach, just one towel for drying off will suffice. On a nudist beach, however, there’s significantly more skin-to-sand contact, especially if you want to sit directly on the white sandy beach.

That’s why we always recommend taking at least two beach towels – one to sit on, and one to dry off with after a dip in the sea.

2 – Going Solo Has Advantages

Going to your first nude beach might sound a little creepy but if you are careful not to stare and bring something to keep you occupied (your Kindle, for example), you can easily avoid giving off stalker vibes and enjoy some great advantages instead.

Everyone on the beach will be a stranger who you won’t see again. This can boost your confidence and help you feel more confident being nude. Furthermore, comparing your naked body to your friends’ can be a harrowing experience – you can skip that entirely.

The key is to research the nudist beach beforehand. You want to feel safe on the beach, especially if you’re without your friends as backup. Check out some of the nude Caribbean resorts instead of going to a public nude beach, as the beach will be more protected from on-lookers and all the beach-goers are verified resort guests.

3 – The Art of Applying Sunscreen

The Caribbean is ranked as one of the worst places to get sunburn in the world, according to HuffPost. When you’re naked from head to toe, you need to be even more aware of the potential for sunburn. We recommend that you apply the lotion all over (get all the cracks and crevices that aren’t usually on display) before going to the beach.

You will likely need to reapply your sunscreen during the day.

If you don’t feel comfortable giving your naked parts a quick smothering in sunscreen, head to the nearest toilet for a little privacy, but remember it’s necessary and perfectly okay.

The Best Nude Beaches in the Caribbean

Would this be a complete guide to being nude in the Caribbean if we didn’t recommend our favorite spots? Here is our top-rated resort and top-rated public beach.

Resort – Intima Resort, Tulum

The entire resort is clothing-optional and is adults-only, for enhanced privacy. We gave it 4.7 stars, the highest for any resort in the Caribbean. The pool is divine too and a two-week vacation at this resort will leave you feeling luxuriously relaxed.

Public Beach – Anse du Gouverneur

Located on the south side of Saint Barthélemy, this beach is naturally very secluded and thus is popular with nudist sunbathers. Bring an umbrella for this beach, as there’s not a great deal of shade.

Discover more top nude public beaches in the Caribbean.

For more tips and advice on spending your vacation nude in the Caribbean, check out our blog here at Naked Caribbean!

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