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Overhead view resort in Mexico

Take a Naked Vacation at an All-Inclusive Resort in Mexico

The all-inclusive Mexico resort vacation is a classic – the vacation we’ve all taken, or at least aspired to. But are you ready to explore clothing-optional beaches and take a step into your naked comfort zone with a nudist resort in Mexico?

If you’re considering taking your first naked vacation in Mexico (or your first naked vacation ever) you’ll need a shortlist of destinations ready. Here at Naked Caribbean, we’ve already explored top-rated places to visit in Mexico, particularly along the beautiful Caribbean-facing Mexican coastline. Here’s what you need to know about these destinations and our top picks for all-inclusive resorts.

Celebratory woman in Caribbean sea

Which Caribbean Islands Allow Topless Sunbathing?

Beachgoers looking for a topless destination in the Caribbean will have many islands to put on their naturalist vacation bucket list. As the site of many French and Dutch colonies, topless beaches are a trend assimilated into the island culture via Europe. While other islands, like Jamaica, happily welcome open-minded tourists looking for a new … Read more

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Types of Clothing Optional Resorts

Types of Clothing Optional Resorts Clothing optional resorts are opening worldwide to support the growing trend of nude tourism. Staying at a nude resort lets you enjoy all hotel amenities without judgment. For example, lounge privately on a nude beach or dig into a chef-prepared meal, all without clothing.  Pull out your map because you’ll … Read more

Why You Should Try a Naked Vacation

WHY YOU SHOULD TRY A NAKED VACATION Leave the heavy suitcases behind because where you’re going, you won’t need many clothes—if any at all. That’s right, it’s time for you to take your first naked vacation! You’ll be a part of a niche travel community that has discovered that a naked vacation is the best … Read more