The Best Rated Nude and Clothing-Optional Resorts in The Caribbean

Top Rated Nude and Clothing-Optional Caribbean Resorts (Updated for 2021)

Are you looking for the kind of vacation vibes that make you feel liberated — free from a few of those pesky and constricting societal norms? A nude or clothing-optional resort in the Caribbean is a great place to start.

It’s important to remember that there are several different types of nudist-friendly resorts, each with varying levels of nudity that they allow. Some resorts may allow you to be nude anywhere in the resort (often excluding restaurants), and other resorts may have specially designated areas where you can shed your textiles. Make sure you know the rules at your resort before you strut your stuff in the buff.

Couples Negril

Couples Negril is an all-inclusive resort in Negril, Jamaica. This resort has a beautiful and semi-private area of their beach designated for “au naturel” sunbathing and swimming. This area is “no clothing allowed”, which means you must be naked. The au naturel area even has its own bar and jacuzzi. Because it is part of the resort’s main beach, people enjoying the sun with their clothes on may pass by on a walk down the beach, so one should expect there will be the occasional curious looky-loos.

Couples Tower Isle

Couples Tower Isle is another all-inclusive resort in Jamaica, but it’s on the opposite side of the island from Couples Negril. Tower Isle can be found in Ochos Rios and also has a designated area of the resort for “au naturel” sunbathing and swimming, but this area is much more private than the beach at Couples Negril. Couples Tower Isle has an entire private island just for those who want to hang out naked. The island is a quick one-minute boat ride from the rest of the resort and operates all day long shuttling people back and forth from the main resort area. It’s surprisingly quick and convenient. The island has its own bar and swimming pool and plenty of chairs and sundecks to find a spot to relax with your partner.

Intima Resort Tulum

On the Yucatan Peninsula, just south of Riviera Maya, Mexico is the town of Tulum, where you will find the Intima Resort Tulum, a fully clothing-optional resort experience. While the resort is fully clothing optional, this one is not directly on the beach, which is a ten-minute car ride away.

Grand Lido Negril

Looking for all-inclusive, beachfront luxury at a fully clothing-optional resort? The Grand Lido in Negril Jamaica may be for you. This all-inclusive resort was recently built and offers an upscale experience, a selection of rooms that are all considered “suites” and offers amazing views. The big draw here, beyond the luxurious experience and views, is that the entire resort is clothing optional.

Hidden Beach Au Naturel Resort

If Mexico is more your style, and you want a resort directly on the beach, check out the Hidden Beach Au Naturel Resort in Playa Del Carmen. This oceanfront resort allows nudity throughout the property and also offers a fully all-inclusive experience.

Hedonism II

Looking for something a little more adventurous. Dip your toe in the “wicked” waters at Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica. Hedonism II is an all-inclusive Jamaican resort that offers a clothing-optional side (the prude side) and a nudity-required side (the nude side). Known as an “adult playground”, this resort is for those couples looking for a sexually charged vacation. People are often scared away from Hedonism II because they believe it to be a resort just for couples in the swinging lifestyle. It is a “swinger friendly” resort, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a swinger to stay there. Hedonism II guests range from couples just looking for a beautiful destination to relax in the nude to couples who are fully in the swinger lifestyle. Whatever level of naked tropical fun you are looking for, Hedonism II can deliver.

Advice for first timers

Will this be your first time at a nude or clothing optional resort? Are you wondering what to expect? Check out our article on “What to Expect for Your First Time on a Nude Beach.” Many of the rules and etiquette there will be applicable at a nude or clothing-optional resort too and will help you feel more comfortable.

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